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Morel Hunting Off Season

Ohio Fall

As we all know, fall has past and winter is here.

What activities do you partake in during the off season?

Do you like to go hunting? Do you spent time farming?

Let us know!

No worries, mushroom season is right around the corner!

Tips for finding Morels in Ohio

Quite often people ask about more hunting tips. Here are some of my tips for successfully finding Morels here in Ohio.

Tips for finding Morels in Ohio

Tips for finding Morels in Ohio

Tip #1

If you don’t spend time in the woods, you’re not going to find them. Plain and simple. Far to often do you hear people talk about spending just a few minutes in the woods and not finding any. Then giving up. Morel’s are hard to spot, let alone find. The more time in the woods, the more chance of finding them! Read more