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    Im not far from there, Ill have to try and stop by one of these Wednesdays. But damn, how you kids stay up so late on a work night? I feel old…



    lets definitely do a meet at the Cars and Coffee when our cars arrive. Wouldnt mind waking early just for that. Itd be our “debut”.


    you can meet new friends with shared interest and just mingle, really… its pretty cool if its the “right” meet and not at a sketchy/shady neighborhood…



    As you can see the pic, my car is completely broken down.. its not even starting, I cant even drive. I only have a liability insurance for others , so I cant fix my car using auto insurance.. Now, do you think I should try to fix this car..? or sell parts or scrap..? Its 2018 Subaru BRZ , and I bought this car as new .. Its only been a year..
    Please provide a



    I think it all depends on the community that is hosting the meet. If its a general car meet then it depends on the demographic, but if its a small community or group of people then it can be like a small family reunion.

    Its mostly just other people walking around looking at your/another car and talking, socializing, etc. Ive been to a couple of “decked out” meets with a dj and show. Like i said, it depends on the people hosting the event.



    LOL. What does “shoot the shit” look like in a public setting?

    Caravans sounds kinda dorky, but might be kinda cool considering the relative “novelty” of this car

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