Tips for finding Morels in Ohio

Quite often people ask about more hunting tips. Here are some of my tips for successfully finding Morels here in Ohio.

Tips for finding Morels in Ohio

Tips for finding Morels in Ohio

Tip #1

If you don’t spend time in the woods, you’re not going to find them. Plain and simple. Far to often do you hear people talk about spending just a few minutes in the woods and not finding any. Then giving up. Morel’s are hard to spot, let alone find. The more time in the woods, the more chance of finding them!

Tip #2

Get a walking stick! I use my backpacking poles, my dad uses a stick from each woods that he goes in, my wife uses a hiking stick. This allows you to push May Apples, Ramps and other plants and debris out of the way so you can better see the ground.

Tip #3

Learn to identify your trees, as most morels tend to congregate around particular trees. An Audubon field guide, or apps like LeafSnap make good resources for learning to identify trees by leaf, bud, bark and flower.

Don’t forget your onion, potato or morel hunting sack! So you can re-disburse the Morel spores as you walk!

Onion and potato bags make good morel sacks!

Onion and potato bags make good morel sacks!

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  1. Gwen Mooney says:

    Has anyone found Morels in the Harrison, Ohio area?

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